What I know for sure ….!!!


Being in this world or even being part of it has dealt me a hand of cards which I’m busy playing with the utmost respect….a real poker face player I am. Thinking that golf was easy, which is not, life has this deck with infinite cards and each day maybe each hour or second you’re faced with a hand to play what do you do? What do you do? Isn’t that a line from a Bruce Willis movie? I’m difficult in this respect since I play most of the cards with my mind and not my heart, which in my opinion leads to intelligent and informed decisions, the rest…instinct and deal with the consequences later. Life’s too short to waste time by analyzing every decision that has to be made…….

A career in IT is about meetings & meetings, deadlines, a positive attitude, thinking laterally, working smart and lots of “condashimies”. (some will know what I’m saying).

Working at Alacrityhas given me the opportunity to prove my capabilities, interact with great people, learn new things, show empathy to fellow colleagues, develop a thicker skin, participate in extramural activities and deal with office politics.

The perfect day at work is a smooth traffic flow, more sensible listeners calling in on 567, the opportunity to read the Cape Times (sports page) a nice cuppa java, no unexpected meetings or reports to be attended to and being able to eat lunch.

My biggest strength is the ability to remain calm in otherwise tense situations, and not being indecisive.

I love playing sport especially, soccer, cricket, rugby, golf, squash and klawerjas because of its competitiveness.

Soccer is still a large part of my life, playing and coaching gives me enormous pleasure and satisfaction. When I play soccer, I lose myself completely in the game, try to be as focused as possible and always give 100%.

My greatest passions are my dogs, Bella, Milo, Coco (R.I.P Cad, Nui, Kia and Pui-chi).. Golf allows me to push myself to the limit, makes me mentally tough and is a great de-stressor.

Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Well, now you know I’m a bad loser.

My father taught me to never forget my roots, ‘where I come from’ and to always show humility.

The hardest lesson I have learnt is to love. And not giving up no matter how bad things seem.

I am deeply saddened by children who suffer unnecessarily, terrorist bombings and racial discrimination.

I am grateful for a another day, those who love me, family, and waking up each morning.

What makes me happy is enjoying a good glass of red wine, eating Lesley’s grilled lamb, playing a game of golf and walking the dogs.

I would really like to work with disabled children because they have so many hidden talents yet to be discovered.

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