Jingle Bell’s

Jingle Bell’s Silly Season Ho Ho, tis the season to jolly! It’s that time of the year again when we tend to go crazy, spend too much money and forget the real meaning of the Christmas.

As we continue to chase our short tail, now is the time put in an extra effort. Our lives become so busy that we often forget the important things, the things that really matter. Forget the extravagant gifts and instead give the precious gift of time, your time! This is after all the season of giving and goodwill. Be nicer than before – buy the street kids something to eat, tip your favourite petrol attendant, be courteous on the road, say thank you to the shop assistants and cashiers when out shopping, be gracious to those family members who especially get on your nerves at this time of the year, spend time with your kids, parents and wife, and remember to be good to yourself.

I guess there are huge opportunities and tough challenges that are awaiting us in the coming year and it’s probably going to be hectic for all of us at Alacrity. How we confront this will reveal a bit about our characters, weaknesses and strengths, but at the end of the day, it’s the bigger picture we are striving towards.

For those who are travelling with friends and families please be careful and safe out there, we need all hands on deck in 2012. Also to those celebrating the religious days coming up, have a soulful Christmas and a fantabulous New Year.

And, let me leave you with this, while you’re out shopping remember, as you hear all those Boney M tunes drumming around, (pa ra pa pa tum!!), do not be lured by the marketing genius of the stores and malls, Cmon, guys don’t fall for it!!

This is me and the time has come to sign off to a fantastic 2010!!!

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