Health is no more than a currency

Interesting thoughts…


In my time practicing as a wellness advisor, I’ve often asked my clients why they’d like to start an exercise program and invariably they’d tell me “because I want to be healthy”. “Great…” I’d reply. I’d follow that up by a few moments of silence and a complexed gaze which precedes my rather loaded “and…??” question. “And what?? I want to be healthy, that’s it”.

And again, I’d plant that seed of doubt with the silence that symbolizes the fact that I am expecting more from them. Then just as the cogs in their brains starts to turn and first bits of steam start appearing from their ears, I offer them some relief. “Health is nothing more than a currency” I’d say. Huh?? Yeah you heard me, “Health is nothing more than a currency”, allow me to explain.

If I were to offer you a million bucks in a briefcase…

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