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Health is no more than a currency

Interesting thoughts…


In my time practicing as a wellness advisor, I’ve often asked my clients why they’d like to start an exercise program and invariably they’d tell me “because I want to be healthy”. “Great…” I’d reply. I’d follow that up by a few moments of silence and a complexed gaze which precedes my rather loaded “and…??” question. “And what?? I want to be healthy, that’s it”.

And again, I’d plant that seed of doubt with the silence that symbolizes the fact that I am expecting more from them. Then just as the cogs in their brains starts to turn and first bits of steam start appearing from their ears, I offer them some relief. “Health is nothing more than a currency” I’d say. Huh?? Yeah you heard me, “Health is nothing more than a currency”, allow me to explain.

If I were to offer you a million bucks in a briefcase…

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To earn respect and trust…first give respect and trust!

Image(Milo, Bella and Coco)

One of my favourite moments of the day is knowing that without a doubt my dogs will greet me as though I’ve been away for the longest time. It’s the happiest, friendliest welcome home any human could receive.

Picture this: Bella, the eldest hears my car pulling into the drive way, runs to the lounge, nose pressed against the window, ears pricked. As I open the front door, there she is! Head tilted, looking up at me with her tail wagging excitedly – “Hello human, you’re home!”

My other two are in the back garden waiting eagerly for me to let them in. Milo has a similar greeting style as Bella. His tail wags continuously, looks deeply into my eyes and jumps up against me in a very controlled but poised fashion. Coco is the youngest and over zealous of all three dogs, and also the most animated. She does a little tap dance around me, then runs in circles, jumps up and licks whatever part of my body is in sight.

It got me to thinking about how we greet each other when we come home. My wife certainly doesn’t run to the door and greet me excitedly. If I had to even suggest that, she’d roll her eyes and say, “I didn’t know you were looking for a Stepford wife”. I don’t greet her in an overly exuberant way either when she arrives home. The “Hi, how was your day?” is usually followed by exchanges of the highs and lows of each other’s day.

There’s a lot that our dogs teach us, especially the way that they interact with us. Isn’t it amazing how we don’t mind taking the time to greet them, “Hello Bell, what did you do today? Sleep all day?”,    “Hello Milo, did you miss me boy?” and “Hello Cocopops, how was your day?”

The lesson learned here is that if you put in the effort, you reap the rewards. In the midst of the craziness of our lives, we should make the time to connect with each other. So from now onwards, this is the new and improved me…”Honey, I’m home! Did you miss me wifey?”


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At last!!!

At last!!!

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Jingle Bell’s

Jingle Bell’s Silly Season Ho Ho, tis the season to jolly! It’s that time of the year again when we tend to go crazy, spend too much money and forget the real meaning of the Christmas.

As we continue to chase our short tail, now is the time put in an extra effort. Our lives become so busy that we often forget the important things, the things that really matter. Forget the extravagant gifts and instead give the precious gift of time, your time! This is after all the season of giving and goodwill. Be nicer than before – buy the street kids something to eat, tip your favourite petrol attendant, be courteous on the road, say thank you to the shop assistants and cashiers when out shopping, be gracious to those family members who especially get on your nerves at this time of the year, spend time with your kids, parents and wife, and remember to be good to yourself.

I guess there are huge opportunities and tough challenges that are awaiting us in the coming year and it’s probably going to be hectic for all of us at Alacrity. How we confront this will reveal a bit about our characters, weaknesses and strengths, but at the end of the day, it’s the bigger picture we are striving towards.

For those who are travelling with friends and families please be careful and safe out there, we need all hands on deck in 2012. Also to those celebrating the religious days coming up, have a soulful Christmas and a fantabulous New Year.

And, let me leave you with this, while you’re out shopping remember, as you hear all those Boney M tunes drumming around, (pa ra pa pa tum!!), do not be lured by the marketing genius of the stores and malls, Cmon, guys don’t fall for it!!

This is me and the time has come to sign off to a fantastic 2010!!!

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Me jump from a plane? I mean seriously?

Yesterday i was asked by a friend of mine who does freelance reporting…

“Didn’t you tell me once that you went sky diving or parachuting or something like that….?

Send me a few paragraphs on how it came about, why you did it, and what it was like…..? The feeling, emotion, the fear the exhilaration…..????”

My response was as follows:

Hi, a few paragraphs? Hope you’re kidding. Here goes…

I have a list of “to do” stuff, some call it a bucket list. The issue I have with that name is “do you empty done stuff”? then start filling it again? I always ask why? Until I get an answer (guess my analytical brain kicking in).

My life motto is… I have a few…

  1. live life to it’s fullest but be wise about choice.
  2. Never regret what you’ve done but learn from it
  3. Never stop improving yourself, you learn everyday
  4. Love what you do and have fun doing it
  5. Remember the past but live for now

I can go on and on, the point is there is no time like NOW.

So skydiving came about on a go-kart track. After racing conversations took place in the bar, as usual. One of the guys who is an avid jumper was saying how exhilarating it is to jump from planes and I’m thinking wtf?

Being the person I am, I jumped (no pun intended) at the opportunity. He was planning on taking a group of people to Robertson and I thought what the hell this should be easy. As the days got closer, I actually realised  the reality of the situation. Too late…

I remember driving to Robertson on the Friday night, the atmosphere and energy was immense when we arrived. I then knew this is something I really wanted to do. The camp fire stories, some horror ones included just got my blood pumping.

Saturday morning was a fantastic day, clear skies, no wind, everybody there was humming “there will be jumps today”.

The training session started at 9 am and would complete around 4pm and then whoever feels ready will get to jump. I stumbled towards the hanger where the training would take place and there I see my partner Lesley shouting “I want to jump”. She then signed up to do the tandem jump (11000 ft), no training required and off she went. Wow I thought, this is not like her, guess the adrenalin was overflowing. 30 minutes later I go called out of the training to see her land. It was an awesome sight.

Hours passed and then it was time. Final test was a sort of simulation exercise but about 1m off the ground.

Yikes! it hurts down there

Then I was ready…the first group contained 5 guys and there we went. The right stuff sprung into my brain. The plane was a Cesna, not sure of the model, but really small and noisy. We squeezed in, I mean really squeezed in. 5 jumpers, the jump master and the pilot.

The ‘right stuff’

Take off was scary, then climbing to 3500 ft. I was 2nd to jump…when the first guy left the plane, I honestly had no thoughts, my mind went blank. All I heard was “next!”. I slowly made my way to the door, it opened and the wind, omg the wind.

Stepped out onto the step, just enough space to put a foot, hands on the wing, feet off the step. And there I was hanging on the wing James Bond style and waited for the signal… Leaving the plane was a blur, there I was floating in the sky, checking my lines, then untangling the crossed lines, making sure the parachute opened correctly.

I cannot explain the feeling.

Not a sound, the view was amazing, everything was just so clear. Then it was time to land. Guiding the chute and watching the batmen on the ground. Carefully taking note of their signals. I overshot the landing spot by about 200m but nevertheless I was back on earth and back to earth.

It felt like I conquered the world..and yes I’ll do it again…

I am king of the world!

The guy in the centre is Tim-O-T (over 10000 jumps), you might have seen him on the Discovery channel, “How I survived”. His had problems with the chute opening and plummeted to the ground, and survived.

Madman Tim-O-T


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What I know for sure ….!!!


Being in this world or even being part of it has dealt me a hand of cards which I’m busy playing with the utmost respect….a real poker face player I am. Thinking that golf was easy, which is not, life has this deck with infinite cards and each day maybe each hour or second you’re faced with a hand to play what do you do? What do you do? Isn’t that a line from a Bruce Willis movie? I’m difficult in this respect since I play most of the cards with my mind and not my heart, which in my opinion leads to intelligent and informed decisions, the rest…instinct and deal with the consequences later. Life’s too short to waste time by analyzing every decision that has to be made…….

A career in IT is about meetings & meetings, deadlines, a positive attitude, thinking laterally, working smart and lots of “condashimies”. (some will know what I’m saying).

Working at Alacrityhas given me the opportunity to prove my capabilities, interact with great people, learn new things, show empathy to fellow colleagues, develop a thicker skin, participate in extramural activities and deal with office politics.

The perfect day at work is a smooth traffic flow, more sensible listeners calling in on 567, the opportunity to read the Cape Times (sports page) a nice cuppa java, no unexpected meetings or reports to be attended to and being able to eat lunch.

My biggest strength is the ability to remain calm in otherwise tense situations, and not being indecisive.

I love playing sport especially, soccer, cricket, rugby, golf, squash and klawerjas because of its competitiveness.

Soccer is still a large part of my life, playing and coaching gives me enormous pleasure and satisfaction. When I play soccer, I lose myself completely in the game, try to be as focused as possible and always give 100%.

My greatest passions are my dogs, Bella, Milo, Coco (R.I.P Cad, Nui, Kia and Pui-chi).. Golf allows me to push myself to the limit, makes me mentally tough and is a great de-stressor.

Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. Well, now you know I’m a bad loser.

My father taught me to never forget my roots, ‘where I come from’ and to always show humility.

The hardest lesson I have learnt is to love. And not giving up no matter how bad things seem.

I am deeply saddened by children who suffer unnecessarily, terrorist bombings and racial discrimination.

I am grateful for a another day, those who love me, family, and waking up each morning.

What makes me happy is enjoying a good glass of red wine, eating Lesley’s grilled lamb, playing a game of golf and walking the dogs.

I would really like to work with disabled children because they have so many hidden talents yet to be discovered.

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True wisdom

Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding; it seeks to annihilate rather than convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends by defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers.

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